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The UAE Theory Test is hard. Hundreds of questions to learn, in over a dozen categories. There’s almost a 50% fail rate.

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No doubt the permit test will be set from the driver’s handbook hence you can get all your references from it. You can download the PDF file to study offline and on the go.

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There is no better way to test your knowledge than to take a practice test. You can take your theory practice test online from the comfort of your home at whatever time you prefer.

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Our question bank covers everything you need to know to pass the RTA theory test. It’s super simple and really easy to get started.

You use our site to access all the questions. You learn as you practice, which means you’re engaged and actively learning from the very start. You don’t have to waste time on things you already know. Try it!

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3 Critical Exam Day Tips For RTA Theory Test

The idea of owning a driving license soon comes with mixed feelings especially for those waiting to take their first RTA theory test. As such, it is essential to appreciate the fact that this can contribute immensely towards achieving success or failure after the exam. However, with the necessary insight, you can prepare adequately to succeed on the test day.

Here are a few that can help you walk out of your driving test with confidence that you did well.

Prepare Adequately You cannot pass your written theory test without adequate preparation. That means you cannot depend on what you learn in the class entirely to get all the answers necessary to pass the exam. Hence, over and beyond that, do your homework by researching all the information available on passing such a test.

Some of the strategies you can use include searching probable questions and answers online, holding group discussions with your colleagues to brainstorm on the test before the due date, among others.

Relax It is normal for individuals to tense up before or while sitting for their written driving test. That is not the best posture to assume as you look forward to such an exam or as you answer the questions at hand. Apparently, when you are tense, it is difficult to think clearly at times. On such occasions, you may end up answering even the simplest of questions wrongly.

Therefore, do your best to relax. It will help you deal with any form of anxiety within and without. As a result, it will give you the confidence you need to remain sober throughout the exam period. Chances of passing such a test will increase when you assume this posture.

Read The Instructions Carefully Depending on the time limit to complete the written driving test, the temptation of answering the questions in a rush to beat the deadline will probably emerge. Unfortunately, this may cause you to miss out on some critical guidelines on the requirements of the test, which is a recipe for failure. Taking time to read through the instructions carefully is a necessity that most individuals disregard.

Do not be a victim; it may cost you a fortune. If you need more details on passing your written driving theory test, contact us today.


We have compiled these theory tests for a light motor vehicle, motorcycle and truck/bus for every emirate in the UAE. increases your chances of passing the written RTA theory test.

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