This online RTA heavy vehicle theory test questions and answers, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the RTA written theory test that is required before you can get your truck or bus driver’s license. It is all FREE!


Dubai Truck 1 - English

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Why do heavy vehicles need more judgment and driving skill than others?

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Which of these foods is best to eat when on a long trip to avoid fatigue?

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If you have to change a wheel, your priority should be?

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In what way can alcohol make you a better driver?

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You should measure tire pressure in each wheel by?

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Which of these drugs can overcome feelings of tiredness?

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Which of these may indicate a loose wheel nut?

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When lifting heavy objects, you should have?

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You should take care when taking medication?

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An air brake system should not lose more than how much pressure between stops?

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All fluids should be kept topped up?

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You must inspect your heavy vehicle?

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loading gate or headboard is found where?

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You should check all your controls with?

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The low air pressure warning gauge should reach full pressure after?

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If your vehicle is tilting, it could be caused by?

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You are driving an 18 wheeler truck, how many tires can be worn or faulty for the vehicle still to be safe?

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When your vehicle is parked on the right-hand side of the road, you should approach it from?

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Why should you make sure your cabin is clear of all rubbish?

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You should check your external lights are working by?

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You should adjust your seat so that when the clutch pedal is floored, your leg bends at?

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So you can pass safely under bridges, it's vital that you know your?

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On a airbrake vehicle, how can you tell if the air intake filter is blocked?

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The Gross Vehicle Mass represents?

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It's vital that your load is?

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