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Sharjah Truck 2

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The turning radius for a heavy vehicle is…?

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With air brake systems, you should check the low-pressure warnings are working by...?

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You can be helped in gear changing by using your...?

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You should always hold the steering wheel with both hands...?

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Cut-in means your rear wheels will travel...?

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Which of these is the only one that will not make you change gear?

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When pulling away on sand or gravel, you should accelerate...?

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Having passengers in a vehicle can affect its handling if it is...?

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At low speed, the rear wheels of a semitrailer will track...?

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When reversing a large vehicle into a tight space, a good driver...?

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If it's raining, the road will probably be most slippery...?

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Changing gear at the wrong time can damage...?

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Which of these will not help you prevent aquaplaning?

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Each time you stop you should check your brakes for excessive...?

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With a hydraulic brake vehicle, after pumping the brake pedal you should be able to hold it down without feeling any loss of pressure for how long?

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After your pretrip inspection, your next inspection should take place...?

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Which of these is the correct sequence for double clutching to change gear?

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You should correct any drifting off course when reversing by...?

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Trailer brakes may not work properly if...?

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When accelerating with your large vehicle, you should aim for...?

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When double clutching, it's important to monitor...?

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When taking a right-hand bend, you should steer...?

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How often should you check that your load is secure?

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When reversing, you should monitor the trailer position by...?

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Approaching a left-hand bend, you should position yourself...?