Sharjah Heavy Vehicle Theory Test 03

The purpose of this Truck Driver License theory test practice is to help you to become a safe and responsible heavy vehicle driver. Updated 2019 from official RTA Truck and Bus Handbook. It is all FREE!


Sharjah Truck 3

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If your vehicle has air brakes, you should allow for a delay in braking up to...?

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When travelling at 90 km/h, how far will you travel in one second?

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Brakes should initially be applied...?

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At a junction with three left hand turn lanes, which lane should you choose?

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Part of your load has fallen into the road. You must mark it with warning triangles if it is not visible for how far in all directions?

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You are parked at night in an area with poor lighting. You must display clearance and sidemarker lights if your vehicle is over what width?

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Your truck must have yellow revolving lights on the roof of the cabin when it is...?

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If your vehicle has broken down, you should place a warning triangle at least how far to the rear?

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Which of these will be most helpful when reversing?

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You're approaching a construction zone where one lane of three on the highway is closed. You should...?

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Just before your vehicle comes to a complete stop, the brake should be...?

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You should never look in your mirrors for more than...?

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Who is most responsible for ensuring there are no accidents involving a heavy vehicle?

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When travelling at 75 km/h, how much space should you leave to the vehicle in front?

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You reach a junction where there are three right hand turn lanes. Which lane should you choose?

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You should use your mirrors for...?

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When another vehicle is tailgating you, it's best to...?

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When driving a heavy vehicle, you should check your mirrors...?

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For maximum safety you should generally stay...?

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If parked in an area of heavy traffic in the day, what should you do?

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An experienced driver can tell when to change gear from...?

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When you have made a mistake involving another driver, what should you do?

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Most heavy vehicles have brakes designed to operate most effectively when...?

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Which of these places is likely to be in your blind spot?

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When driving a large vehicle, you should plan ahead at least...?





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