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Sharjah Rules 1 - English

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What is the minimum depth of tread on your tyres to be safe?

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When it's raining, water tends to gather first?

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You can reduce the risk of aquaplaning by?

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The roads in Sharjah are most slippery when?

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Children who have outgrown child safety seats should use booster seats until they are what height?

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The best way of avoiding a crash is to?

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You should only use a mobile phone in your car when?

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When it's foggy, you should avoid?

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If a driver is travelling at 70 km an hour in a 60 km an hour zone, how much more likely is he to crash?

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In the fog, you should use?

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Which of these must be working for your car to be roadworthy?

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What is the maximum legal speed on urban roads in Sharjah?

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What is the maximum speed on a highway in Sharjah?

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What should you do once you have cleared floodwater on the road?

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A driver using a mobile phone is how much more likely to be in a collision?

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The best way to monitor your speed when driving is?

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What percentage of injury crashes in Sharjah have excessive speed as a contributory factor?

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If your car is equipped with airbags, you?

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Using a hands-free kit makes you how much safer using a mobile phone when driving?

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If you are tired, you should?

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The best place and alignment for a baby safety seat is?

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When driving in heavy rain, you should use?

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When it is raining in Sharjah, there is usually an accident on the roads every?

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You and your passenger must wear a seatbelt?

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An average car travelling at 60 km an hour will take how long to stop in normal road conditions?

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What percentage of crashes in Sharjah are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol?

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When it is raining and there is a risk of aquaplaning, how much space should you leave to the vehicle in front?

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If you make a mistake that angers another driver, you should?

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When approaching floodwater on the road, in an ordinary saloon car you should not enter it if its depth is?

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If visibility in fog gets really poor, you should?

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