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Sharjah Rules 4 - English

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If a traffic signal changes while a pedestrian is still on the street, which of the following has the right-of-way?

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You must signal when?

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How do you avoid aquaplaning?

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When driving near to schools and residential area?

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When choosing a parking space, it should be at least?

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You should not drive in a blind spot of a truck or bus driver.

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How many points can you accrue on your license in a year before it is confiscated?

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What is the maximum length of time you can stay in a Code A paid parking location?

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Yellow lines exist to?

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If someone is injured in a crash, you should not move them unless?

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A broken line at the left of your lane means?

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Which of these factors must you consider when parking your vehicle?

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What is the best way to ensure that there are no vehicles or cyclists in your blind spot?

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If you see an Ambulance coming behind you while you driving, What you will do ?

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When overtaking a large truck on an open highway, approximately how long will it take you to pass?

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If your car breaks down you should?

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If there are no marked parking bays, how much space should you leave between you and the vehicles in front of and behind you?

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A red signal light with a green arrow is shown at an intersection indicates?

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To make your vehicle more efficient, how often should you check your tire pressure?

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Most of front to back accidents inside city limits happen because of?

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On a three lane highway, a slower vehicle is in the center lane. You may?

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When a red "X" is indicated over a driving lane?

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If the signal light changes from green to amber as you approach an intersection, what should you do?

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For the best fuel economy, you should keep your engine speed below?

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At what speed do you have the best emissions efficiency?

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If you are involved in a crash, you must notify the police of it within what time?

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When the traffic signal light facing you is red and you intend to go straight through the intersection, what must you do first?

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A solid line at the left of your lane means?

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You must not park within what distance of an intersection?

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Harsh acceleration and braking can use up to how much more fuel?

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