RTA Driving Theory Test - Rules 02

This online RTA driving theory test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the RTA written theory test that is required before you can get your driver’s license. It is all FREE!

The maximum weight designated for your pickup refers to…?

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When going downhill towing a trailer, you should…?

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When road and weather conditions are good, how far should you stay behind the vehicle in front?

Question 3 of 30

When do pedestrians have right of way?

Question 4 of 30

When carrying a heavy load on a pickup, you should distribute the load…?

Question 5 of 30

School buses in Dubai are limited to…?

Question 6 of 30

You should never overtake a bus or truck when…?

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Cyclists and motorcyclists are entitled to use…?

Question 8 of 30

If another driver comes towards you with high beam headlights on, what should you do?

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Truck and bus drivers have blind spots…?

Question 10 of 30

If a trailer starts to sway, you should…?

Question 11 of 30

Which of these circumstances should make you increase your following distance?

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The special priority lanes for buses and taxis may also be used by…?

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When approaching another driver with your high beam headlights on, you should…?

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Your journey will be safer and more pleasant if you…?

Question 15 of 30

If you use a priority bus and taxi lane, you can be fined…?

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When passing a cyclist or motorcyclist in a car or other vehicle, you must leave at least how much space?

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Driving aggressively…?

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When a school bus has its flashers on, that means…?

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The safest way to brake is…?

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What percentage of crashes in Dubai occur at night?

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Towing a trailer will affect…?

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The outside lane on a highway should be used…?

Question 23 of 30

If you have broken down and have a reflective triangle, where should you position it?

Question 24 of 30

Whenever possible, you should drive in…?

Question 25 of 30

When changing lanes or making a turn, you should use your indicators…?

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You must give way to emergency vehicles with siren sounding or flashing lights…?

Question 27 of 30

High beam headlights should be used…?

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If you break down on a highway, what should you do?

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When is it compulsory to have your car headlights on?

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