Online Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test Questions and Answers are intended to help you prepare for the RTA written theory test that is required before you can get your driver’s license. It is all FREE!


Abu Dhabi Rules 1 - English

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In the fog, you should use?

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The roads in Abu Dhabi are most slippery when?

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If you make a mistake that angers another driver, you should?

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If your car is equipped with airbags, you?

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If visibility in fog gets really poor, you should?

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When it is raining and there is a risk of aquaplaning, how much space should you leave to the vehicle in front?

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You can reduce the risk of aquaplaning by?

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You and your passenger must wear a seatbelt?

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An accident at a higher speed increases the severity of an injury. More than ______ of road crash fatalities take place on E roads.

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What is the minimum depth of tread on your tyres to be safe?

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A driver using a mobile phone is how much more likely to be in a collision?

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If a driver is travelling at 70 km an hour in a 60 km an hour zone, how much more likely is he to crash?

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If you are tired, you should?

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What should you do once you have cleared floodwater on the road?

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Which of these must be working for your car to be roadworthy?

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When it is raining in Abu Dhabi, there is usually an accident on the roads every?

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Rear-facing car seats should be used for infants from their birth to __________ as they provide better support for an infant’s neck, spine, and head.

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The best way to monitor your speed when driving is?

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When it's foggy, you should avoid?

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When driving in heavy rain, you should use?

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You should only use a mobile phone in your car when?

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Never drive on the hard shoulder; these are provided only for the use of...?

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Booster seats can be used for children under the age of ______, weighing 18 to 36 kgs.

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When it's raining, water tends to gather first?

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What is the maximum legal speed inside cities in Abu Dhabi?

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An average car travelling at 60 km an hour will take how long to stop in normal road conditions?

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A properly fastened seat belt reduces the risk of death by more than...?

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Using a hands-free kit makes you how much safer using a mobile phone when driving?

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When approaching floodwater on the road, in an ordinary saloon car you should not enter it if its depth is?

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The best way of avoiding a crash is to?

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