How to Pass Your Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test The First Time: Avoiding Common Mistakes

In Abu Dhabi and other emirates in the UAE, getting your Abu Dhabi driving license means you have to complete several tests in order to become road-worthy.

Roughly, it’s all about making an appearance and passing the driving theory test before moving on to the practical exam. Like any other major exam, the driver’s theory test will gauge your knowledge, which can be applied when you’re on the road. It’s really important to pass the exam as you will need every bit of information to navigate the streets of Abu Dhabi correctly.


Skills That Are Tested on the Abu Dhabi Theory Test

Abu Dhabi Driving Theory TtestThe Abu Dhabi driver’s license written exam will gauge your knowledge in the following fields- traffic signals, road signs, hazard perception and road safety. Moreover, the test will be divided into 2 sections- general driving rules and traffic signs and road signals. Recently, the RTA has added a new section called ‘video’ where you will be shown a video, and questions pertaining to the video will be asked.

An RTA test will consist of anywhere between 40 to 45 questions with the division and question following the general structure. You can get a higher chance of passing with best practices, but first you will need to do something that’s very fundamental- actually reading the handbook.

Why Students Don't Pass Their Abu Dhabi Written Driving Test on the First Try

With so much at stake, you would think that people who take their driving tests will be focused, prepared and have read the handbook at least once.

Preparation is your best tool in passing the theory test. More importantly, make it a point to attend the theory lectures in RTA centers and cracking open the books they provide. Practice makes perfect, and the more you know the higher your chances of passing.

Students tend to fail because:

They Don’t Read the RTA Handbook

In terms of taking the Abu Dhabi theory test, the RTA handbook is the single most important source of information. Most, if not all the questions will be derived here. Students usually skim through the pages or not even crack it open. Come exam day they won’t be prepared and will just guess the answer.

To prepare, have a separate notebook handy and start taking notes as you go through each topic. As a tip, pay special attention to the hazard section and absorb the material highlighted in red.

They Don’t Enroll or Attend Theory Classes

Driving students can learn in groups or from a lecturer and come away with greater knowledge than they started out with. Even when you’ve read or understand the RTA handbook, it’s essential to take 8 theory classes minimum, which can be done at an accredited driving school or online.

Theory classes can give you a higher chance of passing as it practices your memory and acts as a discussion platform for some of the more complicated things in the handbook. Moreover, your instructor will have a few tips and advice that could be helpful later on.

They Don’t Take Practice Tests

Most driving students assume that they just need to read the book and go straight to the exam, and hopefully pass the test. However, there’s a better way to achieve a higher score via mock tests.

An online Abu Dhabi driving theory practice test can be your litmus test in seeing just how much information you’ve retained. It certainly beats trying the actual exam and failing 2, 3 times. The mock exams are just like the real thing, and you’ll be able to see what questions you got wrong and what’s the right answer for it.

They’re Nervous, Tired or Fatigued

It’s normal to be excited and feel nervous the day before and during the theory test, but sometimes it can make you forget handbook details and therefore, fail the entire test.

To counter this, you can complete a casual workout program, such as brisk walking, jogging or cycling. Practicing a few times online can calm the nerves and make you more confident, as is learning how to relax.

Avoid staying up all night the day before the actual exam. Get at least 8 hours of restful sleep, and eat breakfast before heading out. A cup of coffee or tea can make you more focused and able to concentrate on the task at hand.

They Don’t Follow Instructions

Believe it or not, but people sometimes fail their Abu Dhabi driving theory test just because they didn’t read or follow the instructions. Before taking it, you will be presented with a 10-minute video on how to complete it.

What Comes After Your Abu Dhabi Driving License Theory Test?

When you pass the driver’s theory test then you can proceed to the road classes, or otherwise known as practical classes.

The practical driving course is made up of several lessons and a driving simulator. First, you will have to complete the parking test, followed by a road test. Sessions will gauge how road-worthy you are and if you pass the level. The site for the practical classes will be in a driving rink.

A ‘certificate of readiness’ will be given if the instructor deems you worthy of being an able and knowledgeable driver. This paperwork will be needed to register for the practical exam.

In about 10 minutes or so you will have to prove that you know how to navigate the streets of Abu Dhabi in a lawful manner. You will be given the results as soon as you’ve completed the test. Failing means you must train for 7 more hours.

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To pass the Abu Dhabi driving theory test you will need to get 4 of 5 in hazard perception, 13 of 18 in specific questions and 12 of 17 in common questions.

You can practice for your driver’s theory test 100% free at The site offers an online mock RTA theory test in order to help you with the real thing. Theory test questions on truck, bus, motorcycle, and light motor vehicles have been compiled from the actual handbook and database.

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