Abu Dhabi Heavy Vehicle Driving Test: What You Need To Know

Abu Dhabi Heavy Vehicle Knowledge TestIf you’re on a mission to get a commercial driving job in Abu Dhabi, acquiring a heavy vehicle driving license should be a priority. However, the Abu Dhabi heavy vehicle driving test process is very strict due to the tough measures implemented by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). It doesn’t just focus on the road safety aspect but also your attitude as a truck or bus driver.

Even the candidates must be medically fit with no driving offences on their records to be considered for the heavy vehicle driving test. Since commercial drivers are in charge of heavy, big, and long vehicles that are difficult to control and maintain, the RTA doesn’t take any chances.

If you’re up for the challenge, what do you need to know?

The Written Knowledge Test

Before you proceed to the practical training, you must first prove that you understand the rules of a heavy vehicle driving through a knowledge test. Nevertheless, you must read the RTA truck/bus handbook and attend 9 lecture classes before scheduling a knowledge test.

Although the knowledge test is easier compared to the driving test, it shouldn’t be underestimated. Furthermore, everything you learn in preparation for the knowledge test will set the precedent for the next stages.

Practical Training

The real journey to your Abu Dhabi Driving License Category 4 begins- you are taught to drive a heavy truck weighing 2.5 tons and above during the practical lessons. It could be a trailer, truck, or bus depending on your registration application. An instructor will be available to guide you with the whole process and improve your confidence.

Apart from learning how to drive a heavy vehicle, you will also be taught how to inspect your heavy truck, avoid breakdowns, and how to fix a load. Keep in mind that learning how to drive a heavy vehicle is different from a car or a motorcycle and most instructors won’t hold back to put you through certain difficulties to see how you can handle them. For instance, the instructor could teach you how to drive on different terrains and simulated weather conditions.

Anything you miss during your practical lessons may come back to bite you during the driving test. Hence, you should make sure to cooperate with your driving school and prepare thoroughly.

RTA Yard Test

After completing at least 12 hours of practical training, you can schedule for the RTA yard test. However, before the official RTA yard test, you can do an internal parking test (no RTA involvement) with your instructor as the supervisor. The purpose of the internal yard test is to prepare you for the RTA yard test and give you a chance to work on your shortcomings.

Once your instructor is satisfied with your parking skills, you can then proceed to do another yard test but with the involvement of an RTA personnel. Unlike the internal yard test, you can’t afford to make silly mistakes during the RTA yard test. Suffice to say, you are asked to drive and perform different parking maneuvers during the yard test.

The Assessment Test

Even after finishing all your practical training hours, you aren’t quite ready for the finale until you complete the assessment test. It is basically a pre-driving test that doesn’t involve the RTA officials but done internally by the driving school.

To successfully complete the assessment test, you must independently navigate a truck to a setup destination without any troubling issues on the road. Afterward, the driving school will review your performance and decide whether or not you need remedial classes before the final road test.

The RTA Road Test

Eventually, everything that you learned from the knowledge test, practical training, RTA yard test, and assessment test will be put to trial during the RTA road test. Even your personal appearance and confidence is a determining factor- that’s why it emphasized to dress nicely and avoid nervousness.

Moreover, before you even step into the truck or bus, you are expected to do a vehicle inspection while the examiner is watching. Later, the examiner will instruct you to drive into the main road whereby you will be evaluated depending on how you interact with the unpredictable traffic and your ability to evade hazardous situations. In regards to heavy vehicle driving in Abu Dhabi, you should know there are dedicated lanes, time restrictions, and speed limits that you’re supposed to follow when driving a big truck.

Since commercial drivers are held to a higher standard than the rest- the pass rate for heavy vehicle driving tests is lower and stricter compared to car and motorcycle road tests. Once you’ve passed the road test, you will be granted an Abu Dhabi Driving License Category 4. But if you are unlucky to fail, you will always have another chance to retake the test.

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