The Abu Dhabi Motorcycle Road Test

Abu Dhabi Motorcycle Theory TestSo you want to ride a motorcycle in Abu Dhabi? If you don’t have any prior experience of riding a motorcycle, you will need to undergo a learning process and pass the motorcycle road test. Even if you’re an expat with a motorcycle license, you could still be compelled to prove to the RTA that you’re a competent motorcycle rider.

For those who are required to go through the RTA standard procedure, what will it take for you to finally complete the road test and earn a motorcycle license?

Pass the Abu Dhabi Motorcycle Theory Test

Suffice to say, you must pass the theory test before you’re even considered for the practical training. Nevertheless, the RTA mandates every student to attend 8 compulsory theory lectures prior to the motorcycle theory test. The lecture classes are crucial to help you understand the rules of the road, motorcycle safety, rider’s responsibilities and how to react during hazard and emergencies.

In order to ace the theory test, you must correctly answer at least 18 out of the 20 questions.

Enroll for a Motorcycle Training Course

After passing the theory test, you will be assigned an instructor for the practical sessions. At most, you will need to complete 30 or 40 classes. Apart from learning how to do technical safety checks, you will be taught how to ride a bike in the yard.

Of course, you will be taught how to perform emergency braking, slow ride maneuvers, clutch control, sharp turns, U-turns, overtaking, road observation, parking techniques and how to react to traffic lights and road signs.

LLST / MLST Test (Parking or Yard Test)

The parking test, or otherwise known as the LLST/MLST test, is like a pre-test before the actual test. The only difference is that it is done on a secluded yard without traffic. Just like the final road test, an RTA examiner will be present.

The LLST/MLST test usually consists of 5 tests to evaluate your motorcycle control skills. As part of the test, you will be subjected to the following procedures;

  • Riding around the yard and stopping your motorcycle in a box.
  • Driving slowly in a straight line and balancing the motorcycle while using the clutch.
  • An emergency braking maneuver which requires students to accelerate fast and suddenly hit the brakes to halt within a marked line.
  • Accelerating up to 20KM/hr and leaning left or right to make a turn on a marked area.
  • Riding a motorcycle and swerving either left or right depending on the given signal.

Keep in mind that if you fail any of the first 3 LLST tests, you will be required to repeat the whole 5 step evaluation procedure. However, if you pass the first 3 LLST tests but fail the 4th or 5th MLST test, you will only need to revisit the last two steps.

To pass the LLST/MLST test, you should appear confident and avoid making silly mistakes such as wearing the wrong gear, crossing the marked lines, touching the ground with both feet during a balancing maneuver and riding with a loose helmet.

As long as you’ve completed at least half of your practical lessons, you will be ready to schedule for the LLST/MLST test.

Assessment Test

Once you pass the LLST/MLST test, you will have a few more practical classes to complete before you’re ready for the final motorcycle road test. After completing those classes, most Abu Dhabi driving schools will offer an internal assessment test without the involvement of the RTA to prepare you for the final road test.

During the assessment test, students are usually grouped together and asked to follow the instructor on a fixed route. The main objective of the assessment test is to prove that you’re ready for the road test.

The Road Test

Finally, the RTA motorcycle road test will be your last challenge before acquiring the Abu Dhabi motorcycle license. The RTA examiner will follow you behind in a car and give you instructions on what to do. Unlike the LLST/MLST test, the motorcycle road test will be done on an open road and the examiner will be assessing your confidence level and how you interact with traffic in the real world.

It is imperative that you avoid common mistakes such as forgetting to give out hand signals, poor observations, loss of control, improper gear wear and failing to halt for 3 seconds at a stop sign. Even a sniff of nervousness could be reason enough for the examiner to flunk you. Otherwise, the Abu Dhabi motorcycle road test is considered easier to pass compared to a car driving test- but you can’t afford to take a chance and underestimate it.

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