How To Prepare Yourself For RTA Dubai Theory Test

Admit it! The thought has crossed your mind. You know the voice in your head that tells you the written RTA Dubai theory test is not so serious? ‘Why even study for general knowledge?’ It says. Well, it is not until you’re finally taking the test that you realize how wrong you were. According to reports, at least 35 percent of candidates fail their written RTA test on their first attempt. However, you’re less likely to become a statistic if only you prepare yourself.

Study Early

Don’t wait until the last day before the permit test to cram everything in a hurry. Instead, plan accordingly a few weeks prior to the test. No doubt the RTA Dubai theory test will be set from the Light Motor Vehicle Handbook hence you can get all your references from it. Keep in mind; it is not uncommon to find a driver’s handbook with an overwhelming amount of information in most states. But don’t worry; you can summarize the whole handbook into a few pages of notes. While you’re reading, highlight any important information that you encounter especially the speed limit of certain zones. Of course, don’t forget about the alcohol levels, right of way, high beam/low beam usage, child safety and seatbelt regulations. Later on, you can revise the highlighted notes instead of reading through the driver’s handbook again.

Theory Test RTA

Take practice tests

There is no better way to test your knowledge than to take a practice test. You can take your theory practice test online from the comfort of your home at whatever time you prefer. Make sure the site you’re using offers questions that are relevant to your particular state. Usually, the rules, laws, and regulations vary depending on the state. Hence, the ideal practice RTA Dubai theory test should have the most likely questions to be asked based on your state. For instance, distracted driving laws and regulations are not uniform in all states. Something like driving while talking on a hands-free device could be allowed in your neighboring state but illegal in your state. The more questions you answer, the better. Even if you fail a few questions, you will get the feedback immediately. For every question you answer incorrectly, you will be informed pronto which will, in turn, enable you to focus on your weak areas. Furthermore, you will be in a better position to pass the RTA Dubai theory test since you will be less likely to get a major surprise. The best part? It will cost you nothing to take a practice test for RTA Dubai theory test. Absolutely free!

Watch your diet and exercise

It is usually the little things that count. Not skipping your breakfast on the day of your written knowledge test could just be your lifesaver. Most people have attention deficit when they skip a good breakfast. Not to forget if you’re used to taking coffee or tea in the morning, you’re likely to get a minor headache if you skip a cup or two. If you’re feeling a little tense closer to your permit test, try working out a little bit. A 10 minutes jog, sprint or cycling will do the trick. However, you should avoid getting fatigued when the permit test is a few hours away. That means no staying up all night drinking and partying or losing sleep just to cram the whole driver’s handbook. Usually, cramming the night before is not the best approach to prepare for the permit test since you can easily forget as fast as you read.

Have the right attitude

Surround yourself with people who are willing to help you out. It could be friends or family members who already did the permit test a while back. If you know someone who recently did the permit test, inquire about what to expect. Most test centers usually repeat the same questions anyway. Train your mind to answer questions with confidence. The most effective method is to act as if you’ve passed the test and even got the driver’s permit. In reaction, the mind will portray confidence which will prevent you from getting nervous.

There are 45 questions and allocated time is 30 minutes, for passing you need 36 correct answers. It is usually more than enough time considering the answers are grouped in multiple choices. Hence, if you have prepared yourself thoroughly, you have no excuse to fail.