How To Pass Driving Test in Abu Dhabi

Acquiring a driving license in Abu Dhabi or any other city within the UAE is not an easy feat to achieve, especially for expats. In fact, it’s quite common for candidates to try multiple times acquiring the Abu Dhabi driving license. Usually, the Abu Dhabi theory test doesn’t pose much of a challenge compared to the driving test, which is dreaded by most expats.

However, it is possible to ace the Abu Dhabi driving test during your first attempt, provided you know what it takes to pass. Leave no stone unturned. So how do you prepare for the Abu Dhabi driving test?

Master the Abu Dhabi Driving and Regulations

Of course, you can’t qualify for the driving test without passing the theory test, but the question is; how much do you really know about the road rules and regulations in UAE? Remember, not everything is highlighted in the theory test.

Hence, it is wise to go the extra mile and learn a few extra things that you missed on the theory test. Fortunately, there is an official handbook and lots of material online to help you out.

Pass Abu Dhabi driving testTake Notes from your Instructors

A few weeks before the driving test, candidates are required to enroll for driving lessons. After enrollment, you will be matched with a driving instructor to guide you through the process. The driving instructor is available to point out your weakness and polish you for the ultimate driving test.

Granted, it will probably take a few weeks of learning with your driving instructor before the driving test but it will be worth it. For an effective learning curve, make sure you carry a notebook to write down after every session on the areas you should work on. That way, it will be easier to track down your progress.

Familiarize Yourself with The Test Routes

The test routes used for the driving test are usually predefined, and not very far from the driving school. This could be an advantage for you to familiarize yourself with the most common test routes prior to the driving test. All it takes is to visit and know the nearby roads close to the driving school or test center like the back of your hands.

Take a Parking and Assessment Test

How else can you evaluate your driving skills without testing yourself? If you enrolled in a driving school, you can partake in a parking and assessment test after a few driving lessons. The pre-test should cover all critical areas from the parking, yard navigation to independent driving.

The core objective of the parking and assessment test is to identify your shortcomings before the driving test. It is unlikely the examiner will give you a second chance if you mess up. Fix that problem before the driving test!

Know The Most Common Mistakes Why Candidates Fail

For you to succeed, you ought to know why most people fail. There are plenty of different reasons why most candidates fail the Abu Dhabi driving test, but if you watch closely enough, you will notice a pattern of repetitive mistakes. For instance, it is quite common for candidates to fail for driving too slow or too fast. Even forgetting to ensure the other passengers have worn their seatbelts is a common ground for failure.

Another thing, most examiners ask candidates to switch lanes or make a U-turn when there is traffic around or road signs stating otherwise as a ploy to assess their judgment.

Work on Your Confidence and Etiquette

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons why most candidates fail the Abu Dhabi driving test is a lack of confidence. In fact, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), nervousness or fear of failure are the leading causes why most drivers fail the road test. But how does a lack of confidence affect the overall performance? It’s simple, a nervous driver is likely to lose concentration and miss out crucial road signs and procedures like observing the mirrors before switching lanes or making a turn.

How you present yourself is just as important too, and if you want to leave a good first impression with the examiner, wear decent clothes and be polite. Not to mention, avoid wearing sunglasses during the driving test.

Prepare Your Documents

A few days before the driving test, you need to confirm all your requested documents are in order. Keep in mind that if you can’t verify your details, your road test will either get canceled or postponed. Usually, the requested documents will include original UAE ID card or original travel passport with residence visa, eye test report, temporary driving license, no objection certificate, and 8 passport photographs.

Finally, arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes earlier before the scheduled road test. You can’t afford to get late! Now put a smile on your face and go get that driving license.