How To Pass The Sharjah Truck and Bus Driving Test

Sharjah Heavy Vehicle Knowledge TestAsk the RTA what it takes to become a heavy vehicle driver in Sharjah, and they will tell you it takes more effort than acquiring a light vehicle license. There is no question about that – even the average pass rate between light vehicles applicants and heavy vehicles applicants will tell you the obvious.

You think learning how to drive and handle a vehicle over 2.5 tons is enough to get you a Sharjah heavy vehicle driving license? Wrong! Apparently, you also need to prove that you’re a responsible driver who won’t flip under pressure. The rest? Well, you will found out if you read the article. So let’s get down to it.

Be Confident

There is something about confident candidates that make the examiners convinced they’re ready for the real world. In fact, forget that you’re a candidate and think of yourself as a veteran truck driver. It’s all about convincing your mind that it just a road test to avoid getting nervous.

However, appearing confident doesn’t mean that you overdo it. Actually, most examiners don’t talk much during the road test except when giving out instructions, so there is no point in trying to force a boring chit-chat conversation. But here is what you can do: dress nicely, be courteous, and drive with distinction.

Learn the Basics

Like stated earlier, driving a heavy vehicle isn’t the only thing the examiner expects you to know. There are a few basics that you must learn before judgment day and you can bet on everything you will be tested. For instance, do you know how to secure a load? What about a breakdown, do you know how to avoid it?

Additionally, you should also know how to do a pre-trip inspection before hitting the road. It is not like it is a secret hidden in a dark chamber anyway, but you can learn the basics from the RTA truck/bus handbooks and preparatory classes. What are you waiting for?

Master How to Cut Corners

One of the biggest challenges of heavy vehicle beginner drivers is mastering how to comfortably cut a corner with an 18 wheeler dragging behind. Some students find it more difficult to navigate a roundabout. Truth be told, it is even a challenge for a few truck drivers with years of experience.

But make no mistake about it- you can’t pass the Sharjah driving test if you don’t know to cut a corner like a pro. What you really need to maneuver is to switch to a standard gear suitable for cutting a corner, slow down and control your speed. The last thing you want is moving too fast into a corner.

Observe and Indicate

The sheer size of a truck makes it easier for motorcycles, small cars, and pedestrians to be harder to notice when moving in close proximity. That’s why it is important for truck drivers to carefully observe their mirrors and perform head checks once in a while, especially before making a turn or changing lanes. In this case, you check both the right and left mirrors rather than having tunnel vision.

What’s next after observing the mirrors and doing head/shoulder checks? Well, you know where the indicator button is located. Just don’t break it.

Maintain Control

Let’s face it- controlling a truck requires a little bit of expertise than controlling a standard car. Even changing the gear must be done precisely with a sequence to the correct rev range or else the examiner will start to notice something is off. The trick is to appear like you’re doing it without sweating the technique.

Another thing; it takes longer for a heavy truck to halt compared to a regular car. Hence, you should consider the timing factor when the examiner tells you to slow down. Remember, if you don’t briefly stop at a stop sign, it will turn out to be an instant fail.

Know how to park

As simple as it may sound, knowing how to park a heavy vehicle is a headache for starters. There is no shortcut around it though since you can’t pass the yard test without demonstrating your parking skills. Needless to say, you will need to know how to do alley docking, parallel parking, straight-line reversing, and offset parking maneuver. Don’t forget to observe carefully and keep track of your position during the entire procedure.

In essence, if you really want to pass the Sharjah heavy vehicle driving test, take as much practice as you can. That’s why it is important to enroll in a reputable driving school to learn what it takes to pass the road test. You can take it a mile further and learn a few things on your own too – like the most used test route in your area. It isn’t that hard when you take into account there are dedicated lanes for heavy vehicles in Sharjah.

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