Common Mistakes To Avoid During The Sharjah Motorcycle Road Test

Sharjah Motorcycle Theory Test

You’ve probably heard the whispers before; the Sharjah road test is very strict and hard to pass. It can even break your spirit if you’ve attempted to ace it multiple times with no success. Yes, it does happen. In any failed attempt, it is usually a case of the candidate making silly mistakes that the examiner can’t tolerate. Even a single harmless mistake can get you the ‘sorry, try the next time’ bad news. It is the Sharjah road test and the standards are high; what did you expect?

The silver lining is that for those who are taking the motorcycle road test, it isn’t that tough when compared to car and heavy vehicle road tests. But don’t underestimate it – you will still be judged on the merit of your mistakes.

News flash: if you want to pass the Sharjah motorcycle road test, you must avoid the following common mistakes. It’s that simple!

Getting Overwhelmed by Nervousness or Anxiety

Here is a little secret- most people get nervous during a road test. But the difference between those who pass and don’t is that those who get to other side control their nervousness. That’s right; getting overwhelmed by anxiety or nervousness can cause you to make irrational decisions and eventually flunk the road test.

To solve the problem, how do you control it? You can exercise, avoid too much caffeine, eat breakfast, get enough sleep, take a deep breath and avoid negative thoughts. Well, everybody has their own personal ritual to avoid panic. Whatever you do, just get yourself together by whatever means necessary.

Showing Signs of Losing Control

When the examiner tells you to ride the motorcycle at a very slow pace, the hidden agenda is to see if you will lose balance and drop your foot when riding. Don’t give your examiner satisfaction! Or is it a disappointment? Anyhow, at no point should your foot touch the ground when riding the motorcycle, especially at slow speed.

Of course, when you come to a complete stop, it is okay to put a foot down but it should only be the left foot. Why is that? Because the right foot is needed to control the rear brake.

Failure to Check the Speed Limit

Don’t fall into the habit of motorcycle riders forgetting the speed limit. If you ride too slowly, the examiner will think that you’re too nervous and if you ride too fast, the examiner will think you’re too aggressive.

Here is a hint: In Sharjah, the typical speed limit for the main road is between 60kph to 80kph. By contrast, the inner roads usually have a speed limit of between 20kph and 40kph, and the residential areas have a maximum speed of 20kph. It’s a no brainer.

Failure to Observe and Signal

Before you even think about indicating, you should first check your mirrors. Even when you’re about to stop or slow down, you should check the mirrors to avoid a rear-end scenario. Beyond that, don’t forget to indicate and perform head checks in that order before making a turn or changing lanes.

Sharjah examiners also check out if you’re doing hand signals and keeping your head up to see further up the road.

Risky Road position

Don’t forget that riding a motorcycle is different from driving a car. For instance, when riding a motorcycle behind a big truck, you should position your motorcycle in such a way that the driver ahead can see you through the side mirror. But that’s not all- you should also create a buffer zone between you and the vehicle ahead in case there is an emergency.

You can bet if you position your motorcycle dangerously, it will be the end of your road test. You don’t want that, do you?

Missing a Stop Sign

If you fail to halt at a stop sign or stop line for at least 3 seconds, you will get an immediate fail. No doubt about it. There is no ‘if’ or ‘but’ that you can use to excuse yourself to the examiner. A stop sign isn’t there for decoration. The same rule applies to disobeying traffic lights.

Not Listening to the Instructions

Okay, it can be a little challenging for motorcycle riders to capture the examiner’s instructions considering the examiner will not be sitting right beside you but following you behind in a car. But one thing’s for sure; the examiner will issue you specific instructions during the road test.

Hence, you should be very attentive during the whole process. Remember, if you misinterpret the examiner’s instructions, the examiner will think you haven’t done the right thing. You know what follows next.

Forgetting to tighten your safety gear

It’s interesting, you can avoid all the highlighted mistakes but the examiner will get you for something small like forgetting to tighten your motorcycle safety gear. You know, like not properly wearing the helmet. Does this sound like you? If it does, leave no stone unturned and no safety gear untightened.

In a nutshell, avoiding common mistakes during your Sharjah motorcycle road test comes down to using your common sense and consistent practice. It’s easier than you think especially when you’re confident. Now go out there and get your UAE motorcycle license!

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